Morgan Mill Metals is a new, well-organized, efficient and environmentally friendly precious metals refinery operating with multiple revenue streams and low overhead. The refining of gold, silver, platinum and palladium is performed using smelting, incineration, milling, chemical, electrolytic refining and analytical laboratory analysis.

I founded Morgan Mill Metals in January of 2011 after receiving all necessary permits and approvals. It was constructed to reclaim precious metals from a wide range of materials including industrial and hazardous waste, dental, jewelry and medical. As a new facility, it was built to meet new, more stringent regulatory requirements and operates as a zero discharge wastewater facility. We maintain a perfect environmental, health and safety compliance record with no notices of violation. On April 10th 2014, we received an unannounced RCRA inspection by the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management.

My experience in the precious metals industry began with a Bachelor degree in Chemistry and an M.B.A in Finance. I began my career as a laboratory and research chemist moving up to plant and general management positions. I made it a priority to understand all aspects of the industry- technical, regulatory and managerial. I have presented at seminars and have been published twice by the International Precious Metals Institute. Over 25 years’ experience in the precious metals and hazardous waste industry has made me uniquely qualified to build and operate an efficient facility that maintains low overhead and gains revenue from multiple sources. Our efficiency and technical expertise allows Morgan Mill Metals to provide customers with the highest returns for their precious metals material. Complete customer satisfaction is our goal and meeting that goal has been the reason for our growth.

When you decide to use Morgan Mill Metals for your refining needs, you will find a friendly and competent staff guiding you and your material through every process from the initial arranging of fully insured shipments, confirmation of arrival with approved settlement details and processing with care to maintain lot integrity and minimal loss. Our laboratory staff will complete multi sample assays and you will receive a clear and informative settlement report and a high settlement return with your choice of multiple payment options. I am personally available to answer any questions you may have. My staff and I will work to make your refining experience as rewarding as possible.

I invite you to visit Morgan Mill Metals and tour our facility. I look forward to working with you.

Cameron McElroy
President and CEO