Morgan Mill Metals is a full-service refinery, specializing in reclaiming, extracting and refining gold, silver, platinum and palladium. For the Jewelry, Pawn and Gold Buying Industries, we offer the following services and material processing:

  • Outstanding customer service- Our courteous and friendly staff work for your complete satisfaction
  • Stone Removal- receive high returns for your metals with your stones returned cleaned, sorted and diamonds scored, if desired, all within a 5 business day settlement
  • High grade karat material ,silver, bench files, polishing dust, scrap and other material suitable for direct melt
  • Low grade material such as floor sweeps, carpets, vacuum bags, sink trap and other material for incineration or milling
  • Gold plated , gold filled and silver plated material
  • Multi sample fire assays, atomic absorption spectroscopy (AA Analysis) and X-ray Fluorescence
  • Flexible settlement terms and payments including overnight checks, consignment, coins and wire transfers
  • Fully Insured shipping options- we can handle the details of setting up your shipment and save you money

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See karat calculator, packing list  and AML in Tools and Forms