Morgan Mill Metals operates as a zero wastewater discharge facility. The company maintains a perfect environmental record with no violations. The company is permitted to reclaim precious metals from a wide range of materials including hazardous wastes.

Morgan Mill Metals provides hazardous waste manifest and LDR documentation, hazardous waste labels and markings, containers, and hazardous waste transportation arrangements to our industrial customers.

Industrial materials processed for precious metals recovery at Morgan Mill Metals include:

  • Industrial hazardous and listed hazardous wastes (D001 to D041, F001 to F009) Excluding only D009 Mercury
  • Cyanide solutions
  • Cyanide Filters
  • Ion exchange resins
  • Flammable wipes, rags
  • Shield kits and flake from shield kits
  • Silver nitrate solutions
  • Silver sulfate solutions
  • Silver chloride sludge
  • Danglers, plating racks, and other laminar plated items
  • Other materials